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Here’s our Toxin-Free Living resource page with my most favorite products and some super-helpful resources, to help you to create a completely toxin-free life.

All of the following products have passed our strict Holistic Mumma ingredients policy.

The information on this page is the perfect adjunct to our 7-Day Toxin-Free Life Challenge


Eating Real Food

Fresh Food Soak

Miracle 11 Neutralizer

We couldn’t live without this stuff!

It neutralizes acids, chemicals and toxins, so can be used for many things – skin problems, sunburn, cleaning chemicals off fruit & veg, detoxifying and balancing pH internally.

Squirt a couple of ml into a sink full of water and soak all your fresh stuff for at least 10 minutes. For waxy coatings (like on apples) you’ll need a squirt of Miracle 11 Soap as well to break down the wax.


Bulk Foods

Honest to Goodness

Our fave. You can get the wholesale prices if you order $500+ worth, which is easy to do! We do a bulk order 3-4 times a year, and it saves us SO much shopping money!

H2G also have an excellent whole foods recipe section, for some inspiration.

EcoOrganics Pasta

This pasta is the best – edamame, black beans, adzuki bean and chickpea fettucini or spaghetti. Made purely from the legume & water, nothing else. Unlike most gluten-free pasta, it tastes great and doesn’t go gluggy. I love the 2 mins cooking time too!


Real Food Recipes

Honest to Goodness

Have a substantial database of searchable organic recipes. An awesome resource for those wanting some ‘clean food’ inspiration. Quality recipes with everything from breakfasts, lunch & mains to healthy desserts, baking and snacks.

They even have a ‘How to Cook’ section. Great for teens & young people moving out.

Nouveau Raw

These guys have an absolute passion for raw ‘living’ foods and a great free recipe section


Try my Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes Pinterest board. Pinterest is brilliant for recipes.

And the Healthy & Delicious Dessert Recipes board for some guilt-free decadence!



Safe Cookware

I recently spent 3 months researching this in depth and here’s what I found:

How to find the Best Non-Toxic Cookware


Personal Care


Nourished Life

An ethical company with strict ingredients standards for all their ranges. They have an enormous range of organic skincare so you won’t be short on choices.

My personal skin care routine is extremely simple these days but I’ve tried several from NL. I love their Blood Orange Cleansing Balm & the Kora Organics Tinted Day Cream.

Miracle 11 Soap

Is 100% pure, and not really ‘soap’. The foaming agent it contains is Laurel which is organically derived from the coconut husk. It’s stabilized with a fatty acid taken from the coconut husk called Ash of Dedecyl, 100% natural and is not processed.

It’s actually all I use on my face & body these days – nice & simple. I use the Moisturising M 11 Soap (the one with coconut oil added) as a face cleanser & find I don’t need a moisturizer.


Body wash

Miracle 11 Soap

Strikes again! A nice simple way to wash. I love the creamy white mousse created when you buy a foaming pump bottle to go with it.

Moisturising M 11 Soap for dry skin. Add your favorite essential oils.



Nourished life

Has some truly awesome hair care ranges. Sanctum is great, Mukti is fabulous (a little pricey though, Sanctum much more affordable). Madara Natural is also great, mid-range price, and smells delicious (an essential part of the hair-wash experience!)


Biome has a couple of good natural hair colours too. I particularly love the Desert Shadow Organic range, which is apparently the first 100% Certified Organic hair colour in Australia. It’s made from plant leaves, berries and aloe vera, and up to 6 weeks of semi to permanent colour.

Just be aware that these pure plant hair colours do require a bit of a process to prepare and activate. So don’t buy them if you are wanting quick & easy!

Biome Eco Stores - Zero Waste, Toxin Free, Ethical Choices

Tox-free Make up

Perfect Potion

I used to work for this company many moons ago and can happily recommend them based on an inside experience of their quality standards, passion and integrity. All of their products are also very affordable.

This one’s my absolute favourite tinted moisturizer & the only make up I use these days. Told you I keep things simple!

Nourished Life

Have some great mineral foundations, organic lipsticks, natural eye makeup, blushers & bronzers & vegan make up brushes.


Deliciously clean & natural perfumes, cologne & deodorant

There are actually not a lot of good clean perfumes or colognes on the market, but LOADS of deodorants, available from any health food store.


Do this first:

Keep in mind that natural deodorants will work LOADS better after an armpit detox using 100% bentonite clay mixed with enough apple cider vinegar to make a paste.

Apply and allow to draw for at least 10 minutes.

Natural deodorants will actually work after doing this.


I enjoy making my own perfumes from essential oils, but I do have a couple of favorite shop-bought ones from Lhami – the Sandalwood & Orange, and the Rosewood & Vanilla. Just gorgeous & super affordable. I love supporting small creative Aussie businesses like these.

Lahmi offer free Australia-wide postage, valid for one use per customer.
Heres the coupon code SHIPFREEOZ  (Postage cost will be deducted at checkout).

Men’s Cologne

Also from Lahmi. The sexiest cologne I’ve smelled. Treat your man!


Oral Health & Pearly Whites

Nourished Life 

Has a pretty good range of toxin-free toothpaste for every budget.

Young Living 

I’ve got to be honest, I’m really not a fan of MLM companies generally, but I have to admit that there are some YL products that are hard to beat, which is why I have an account.

Their oral health range is really outstanding. A little pricey but you are getting so many therapeutic benefits as well as.

Not just cleaning your teeth or freshening your breath but really promoting oral & dental health. My faves are the Thieves Fresh Essence mouthwash (I’ve warded off many an infection using this with oil-pulling) and Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste.

Feel free to contact me to find out the best way of ordering.


That time of the month

Nourished Life

Has an awesome range of Period-proof undies – SO comfortable and convenient. I was surprised at how well these work!

And here’s their extensive range of organic sanitary products.


Sunscreens without the yuck!

Wotnot 30+ SPF Natural Sunscreen

This is the one I use as it’s the only one available in Australia that is completely chemical-free and doesn’t contain nano zinc (that I have found). It’s a little greasy but I find this a small tradeoff.

*They are currently offering free shipping for summer!

  • Update: Our latest couple of tubes ordered aren’t greasy! They’ve reformulated and it’s lighter and more easily absorbed. Great work Wotnot!

Wotnot 30 + SPF Natural Baby Sunscreen

For our little ones, and those with very sensitive skins. If you warm it a little in your hands first, I find it goes on fairly easily.

(When I contacted Wotnot directly to clarify their usage of zinc oxide, here was their response: ‘We have done an independent analysis with the CSIRO using laser particle diffraction and the test did not detect any nanoparticles. We believe that every sunscreen using fine zinc will contain a very small amount of nanoparticles but there was not sufficient volume of these to be detected in our formula. The zinc oxide we use is specifically made for Wotnot.’)

The following are available in the US (which seems to have a better range of safe products).

Acure Organics All Natural Organic Baby Sunscreen Stick   

This one is super-clean, contains the non-nano zinc and is great for convenience, especially for little one’s faces.

 Raw Elements Eco Sunscreen

This one contains some great ingredients for nourishing and protecting the skin, including non-nano zinc as the active ingredient. For adults but gentle enough for kids too.

Babo Botanicals SPF 30 Clear Zinc Lotion 

Baby & kid safe, non-nano zinc and goes clear when you rub it in due to the grape juice (although unfortunately this also means it’s slightly sticky). I love that it’s made entirely on a certified organic farm.


Happy Cleaning

General Purpose:

Miracle 11 Soap is a complex blend of natural minerals and organics. It’s biodegradable and gentle enough to use on a new born baby, and apparently powerful enough to clean up an oil spill.

It’s not really soap. The foaming agent it contains is Laurel which is organically derived from the coconut husk. It’s stabilized with a fatty acid taken from the coconut husk called Ash of Dedecyl, 100% natural and is not processed.

It is not related to the harmful SLS, or the synthetic processed form of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which are in just about every personal care or cleaning product these days.

All ingredients are derived from Sea Water, Sea Plants, Earth Vegetables, and minerals from the Sea and Earth. Nothing else!

I fill a 500ml spray bottle with water and add about 30ml of Miracle 11 Regular soap. Use this for spraying on bench and stovetops before wiping down



Miracle 11 Soap makes a good dish soap

Right now I’m enjoying using Simply Clean Lemon Myrtle Dishwash Liquid, which we recently bought in bulk from Honest to Goodness, saving loads! And it smells SO good.


Disinfectant products & sanitizers

Young Living 

As I’ve said previously, I’m not a fan of MLM companies generally, but here’s another YL product that’s hard to beat.

Thieves is a powerful aromatherapy blend which they have adapted to their Thieves Household Cleaner which I use for toilet cleaning and any other time I need heavy duty disinfectant action.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is also great, especially for those addicted to the hand sanitizer! They do it in a super-handy and affordable 30gm tube and you can get an economical 3-pack.

Feel free to contact me to find out the best way of ordering.

Make your own!

An alternative to buying a made up blend, making your own can be simple. Try something like this:

In a 500 ml spray bottle add:

  • 1/3 cup vodka
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 40 drops lemongrass pure essential oil
  • 40 drops tea-tree pure essential oil
  • fill bottle with (preferably distilled or at least filtered) water


Laundry love

Paradise Nutrients

We love this small and super ethical company. Don’t let the very basic website fool you – they know their stuff! We buy our favorite Eucalyptus laundry powder from them, in bulk (You can repurchase the refills, saving money & waste!

It’s completely tox-free, great price, super-effective and made from Rain Forest essential oils & plant-derived ingredients.


Our Kids & Bubs

Body, Hair & Health

Nourished Life 

Have some great products especially formulated and safe for kids health such as the Pure Papaya Vapor Balm chest rub, & Kiwiherb Baby Balm. They have a wide range of body care products – bubble bath, body & hair wash, sunscreen & toothpaste. Check it out, it’s a great range!


Organic Baby Bedding

Biome has a very good range of mattress protectors, quilts & quilt covers, sheets, pillows & pillowcases.

We have this lovely organic cotton cot pillow for our toddler, from Biome.



Plastics Alternatives


Have a great range of BPA free baby bottles, kids drink bottles, lunchboxes, pacifiers, teetherseducational toys and art supplies.

Biome also have free shipping (that includes international!) for orders over $75.


Off with the Bugs!

I actually make up my own bug repellant using essential oils (peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, clove & cedarwood and a splash of Miracle 11 neutralizer & vodka as a dispersant).

If you prefer the convenience of buying, Biome has the best toxin-free range I’ve come across here.


Vaccination Support

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a live superfood product, containing live enzymes which further enhance the healing effect.

See here for more about using this protocol

Pure Radiance C is an example of the way a Vitamin C supplement should be. FAR superior to most shop-bought ones, simply because it’s in its natural, balanced form, rather than synthetic, so it’s assimilated way more easily. Made from wildcrafted berries and herbs.

* A quality Vitamin C supplement is ESSENTIAL for protection & support if vaccinating.

VacciShield Nutritional Support has been formulated to protect and support infants and children being vaccinated over a 2 week period. Contains probiotics and nutritional support.

No guarantees but it can only help.


This Australian Homeopath provides an ‘Immsafe’ program to support those who’ve chosen to vaccinate. Email her to request more information.


Happy Homes

Candle Lovers

Beeswax candles are a good alternative to toxic paraffin, or vegan candles made from coconut, hemp & rice bran oils


Move the Mold out!

Biome has a few brilliant products for mould removal. The oxygen bleach is an awesome clean-living alternative to chemical bleach.


Zero-Zap EMF protection

We don’t want ‘woo-woo’, just RESULTS!

EMF Meter 

It can be well worth the small investment to do your own testing of areas in your home you are not sure about, and to ensure any devices you set up are actually working. Although some don’t need this as they can FEEL it.

I used one of these in my early days of investigating EMF radiation and it really helped me to figure things out, and what was working.

Shield Tags for Single Device protection 

We use these for our mobile phones, tablets, cordless phones, modem and baby monitor. These are flat stick-on/peel off ones so are convenient and fit under mobile phone cases.

emf protection tag

Personal Protection

This is a general EMF protection device which will harmonize the negative effects of wi-fi, electrical appliances, phone towers, power lines and geopathic stress throughout the home. It’s designed to be carried for personal protection and fit into pockets & purses/wallets.

Personal EMF protection


Lo-Tox & Eco Clothing & Fabrics

SoulSeeds T-Shirts

Organic baby onesies, rompers, and Tshirts for kids, mums & dads. Inspirational and original designs.

Shift to Nature

Some great hemp & organic cotton dresses & basics for women


For mums & dads – some particularly sexy & well-priced hemp shirts for dads.

Nature Baby

Well priced baby sleepsuits in organic cotton & merino wool

Earth Creations

I LOVE their toddler/kids T’s & rompers. They have a pretty cool (& extensive!) women’s range too

Organic Babe

This is a nice site for new mums wanting organic stuff for their babes.


Water Filtration

Firstly you have your jugs which are great if you just want drinking water for a small family.

I used one of these for many years before investing in an under-sink system. I still believe this one is the best jug available on the market, plus the only one proven to both eliminate fluoride.

The Bio Mineral Pot jug is made of Perspex which is as close to glass as you can get (BPA free, dioxin-free, non-leeching etc), and because the water is also slightly alkaline it can’t eat into the plastic/perspex & break it down either.

I believe that the Bio Mineral Pot is the best on the market for what it does, within this price range.

The ACE Bio Mineral Pot


Counter-top and under-sink systems are necessary for safe drinking water for larger families, and if you want safe water for rinsing food and cooking.

Reverse osmosis water filter systems are the only ones proven to efficiently filter fluoride for the life of the filter, and these are the type of filters I recommend if you are on town water (containing fluoride).

The Radiant Life 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System is the ONLY one I’ve found which ticks all the boxes for me. I don’t actually own one of these since we’re on tank water these days and only require a basic carbon under-sink system. But I do like to stay aware of the best systems out there as this is a health topic I’m passionate about.

Here’s what the Radiant Life System does:

Stage 1 – Filtration – Five Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
Stage 2 – Filtration – Internal Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
Stage 3 – Purification – Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 4 – Purification – Mixed Bed De-Ionization System 1
Stage 5 – Purification – Mixed Bed De-Ionization System 2
Stage 6 – Holding Tank – standard tank holds about 3 gallons of pure water. Other tanks are available.
Stage 7 – Sterilization – 14 Watt Ultraviolet Light
Stages 8 & 9 – Restructuring – Homeopathic Memory, Molecule Coherence
Stage 10 – Reprogramming – Adding Natural Mineral Properties
Stage 11 – Reprogramming – Adding Natural Earth Properties
Stage 12 – Reprogramming – Lowering Surface Tension
Stage 13 & 14 – Remineralizing – Coconut Shell Carbon Post-Filtration and Alka-Min Ionic Remineralization

Pretty impressive!

So you end up with efficient water which is:

  • Purified
  • Sterilized
  • Restructured
  • Remineralized with organic (plant-based) minerals
  • Alkaline Rebalanced

Optimal Wellness water!

Radiant Life 14 stage Reverse Osmosis Wellness Filter