A very big welcome to all! Holistic Mumma’s very first blog post 🙂

As I sit down to write I watch the clouds darken with the sweet promise of a storm, distant thunder gently rumbling. At this time of year in QLD, Australia, it gets so humid that a constant sheen of sweat sits on your skin as you eagerly anticipate the fairly regular afternoon storm, and the relief it will bring.

Molly & Millie, our resident kangaroo mum & joey lazily graze the grass just outside the window. Molly is the ultimate holistic mum, modeling a real food diet and a natural at attachment parenting 😀

I’m writing this for all of you holistic mummas out there …

The ones who genuinely want the best for your families.

The ones who care enough to question, even when it’s inconvenient or frowned upon.

The ones who are willing to make the homemade sunscreen, read the labels, drive a bit further for that organic market and have the essential oil diffuser going 24/7.

The ones who care enough to want ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable products, and to stand for a world not poisoned by toxic chemicals.

We are growing in our numbers and we’re tired of having to fight to have clean food for our families, and want our kids to grow up in a healthier and more loving world.

So from here on, I’ll be publishing my life’s work thus far, my most cherished discoveries, learnings, understandings, and secrets, plus the work of others who know their stuff.

I want to bring you, the reader, the best and the latest, clear information and solutions based on good science and/or solid empirical evidence.

I want to give you a most valuable experience and will always bring you content that is honest and real, ’cause that’s what being a holistic mum is all about.

We all know how humbling being a mum can be, and it’s moments of ‘real’ that can sometimes feel like being whacked across the head.

But holistic, now that’s a word that has become so full of fluff, and I resisted using it for a fair while since it’s become a misunderstood and sometimes meaningless catchphrase.

Truly though, it’s the only word that encompasses the message, the soul if you like, of what we are about at Holistic Mumma.

Holisticthe whole, holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts. We are a whole system – each individual a body, a mind and a soul, and part of a greater system – a family, a community, a country, a world.

We are all inter-connected, and each of us makes a difference and has an impact on the whole system.

What we do makes a difference.

We are Holistic Mummas and we’re taking our families wellness back into our hands!




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