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At Holistic Mumma we do Self-Healing Protocols, and the best Plant Medicines under the sun.

We are more than just a range of products, we believe in being a catalyst for awareness, education & change.

I have dedicated more than 20 years of my life to understanding health & wellness, and true healing, & want to share that with you.

Here are our favorite healing essentials:


Hemp Herbals

We believe in the power of Hemp!

The cannabis sativa plant has medicinal and industrial applications that are proving to be a vital component in solving some of humanities greatest challenges.

Hemp Herbals CBD oil is sourced under the strictest quality criteria:

  • Certificate of Analysis proving there are no chemicals or fillers and that it is 100% pure, organic, GM-free, with 3rd party testing done on all batches before they reach consumers.
  • Farms are all FDA approved. Not many companies can say these things. Most outsource their farms to other countries so you have no clue of their growth regulations.
  • In a hemp seed carrier oil base which makes it a whole plant product and makes the product more effective due to whole plant synergy.
  • CO2 extraction is used which is a safer and more reliable method for obtaining the pure hemp oil without leaving a solvent residue.

The benefits of this oil are enormous, without the psychoactive effects most people associate with cannabis.

Go here to learn more about CBD oil


Nrf2 Activation

This is the future of preventative medicine. Cellular healing and Bio-hacking at it’s best.

Nrf2 Activation has been called ‘the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventive breakthrough in the history of medicine.’ by Washington State University.

Go here to learn more

And go here to when you are ready for Activation!


Rebalance your Gut Biome

Most of us know that the gut function & balance is essential to our good health, and that so many chronic health issues actually stem from a gut imbalance.

Lactis is a very powerful alternative to probiotics, as it actually stimulates your good bacteria to grow, and inhibits the bad.

The problem with probiotics is that we are adding strains of bacteria which may or may not be the right strain for the individual.

Purchase Lactis here

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Go here to learn about the health benefits of blue light blockers

Faux to Fresh is offering Holistic Mumma readers a special discount of 25% off their Blue-light blocking glasses. This is where I purchased mine!

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USA readers can purchase blue-light blocking glasses here.

Here are some decent ones for kids. I am yet to find a source of kids glasses in Australia so currently investigating this.


More awesome resources coming soon!