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Sam Sundara is the creator of Holistic Mumma, a passionate writer, health coach, educator, and mum. With a background of 18 years as a natural therapist, in community services & counselling and a passion for spiritual psychology, Sam offers a holistic view to parenting & wellbeing.

Find your Holistic Mumma Tribe


We interviewed 3 influential & holistic Mumma tribe leaders who share their top holistic parenting tips & talk about the power of supportive community for mums.

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How to Create a 4th Trimester & Secure Attachment


We explore the 4th trimester – what is it, how to create it and make it beautiful & enjoyable for both bubs, and mums. Plus helping your new bundle of joy to form a healthy & secure attachment.

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10 Essential Keys to Raising Happy Kids


So we all want our kids to be happy right? Raising happy kids is no easy feat. How can we give our kids the best shot at deep and lasting happiness? This article gives you 10 essential keys.

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What I Wish I Knew when I was Pregnant


10 pregnancy tips you will be glad you knew. A detailed guide to holistically preparing your body and your life for your pregnancy, birth and baby. My list of hind-sights, plus the things that really worked for us.

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Best (and Safest) Sunscreens for Toxin-Free Living


Want to ditch the yukky chemicals? So how should you protect yourself from the sun? What about Vitamin D? The truth about the safest sunscreens, the best product resources plus a natural sunscreen DIY recipe.

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