An Invisible Poison: How is it affecting you & your family’s health?

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Is electromagnetic radiation harmful? Is this invisible toxin negatively affecting the health of you and your family? This article explores how to tell and 7 things you can do about it.

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors the world has ever seen. He was the inventor of the AC current, the Microwave, X-rays, Gamma rays, radio and many other things.

He became aware that the alternating current he’d created would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand.

is electromagnetic radiation harmful

Tesla issued the scientific community with a warning:

“The Alternating Current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative.”

The warning wasn’t’ heeded, and the result – EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). High-frequency waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving through our environment.

With the catapulting of wireless technologies into our everyday lives, these effects are now amplified exponentially.


So What are the Main Sources?

Have you ever parked your car under high tension power lines and noticed how much static electricity builds up in your car? If you are sensitive enough you can experience the effect in your body as well.

is electromagnetic radiation harmful


People living near high tension power lines commonly complain of perpetual fatigue, nausea, dizziness, asthma, and feeling stressed & irritable.

EMR comes from power lines, radar, radio and TV towers, cell/mobile phone towers, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, electricity meters and water heaters.

Negative effects can also arise from underground waterways that have picked up EMR as it travels under high tension power lines/mobile phone towers, etc.


Are Smart Meters not so Smart?

Utilities claim that Smart Meters are safe, but there have been MANY health complaints in Australia. They are known to give off microwave frequencies and are often installed merely a few steps away from where we, and our children, sleep.


is electromagnetic radiation harmful

Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at the University of California,  has written a report that reveals smart meters emit 160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than cell phones.

This website contains a lot of good information if you need to know more about this issue.


What are the Effects?

Our bodies are extremely delicate and sensitive electrical systems. They are easily affected by the many electromagnetic frequencies we are surrounded by and which penetrate our bodies daily.

Most people don’t think about this, thinking perhaps that these frequencies being sent all around the planet, somehow magically find their way to our phones, TVs, and radios without touching us.

However more and more research is finding that this has a powerfully detrimental effect on humans, particularly our youngest.

Signs of EMR stress

Loss of physical strength, chronic fatigue, chronic & ongoing illness, sleep difficulties, aching muscles and joints, hyperactivity, aggression, weak immunity, etc.

EMR stress has been found to be an extremely common factor in serious & long-term illnesses & some psychological conditions.

Is there any wonder that most people are stressed, have impaired immune systems and many are developing cancer and other chronic diseases?


become a calm mum


The Evidence

Back in my days of practicing as a naturopath, I used live blood microscopy to analyze certain specific health factors in the body via what you could see happening in the blood and the quality of the cells.

In the early days of using this screening tool, I tested my own blood frequently, to assist my learning. I found it was often sticky and indicating a stressed inflamed state, even though my health was very good.

I realized I’d always been sitting on a computer for hours prior to testing which was creating oxidative stress in my body. It was later when I began to use a Tesla electron stabilizer (an EMR protection device) that I found this didn’t happen anymore.

This is what made me realize the profound effect of EMR on the human body and how protection devices can help this.

I still like the Tesla products, but have since found that there are others which are more affordable and usable, and seem to work just as well

Here’s a short video which demonstrates the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the blood.

There is basically an inflammatory effect causing the blood to be sticky, meaning the blood cells don’t pass through capillaries as easily, hence lower levels of oxygenation.

There’s also an increase in oxidative stress with chronic exposure, a similar effect that toxicity exposure has on the body.

Long term, these factors are underlying drivers in just about every chronic disease.

Learn about the most powerful way to stop oxidative stress in its tracks through nrf2 activation.

Once you have checked it out & are ready to purchase please contact me for wholesale prices.

is electromagnetic radiation harmful


We are Electro-Magnetic

I know it sounds a little cosmic & ‘out there’ but this has all been demonstrated scientifically.

The mineralized water within our bodies is an excellent conductor of electrical energy. It’s supposed to be because we’re electromagnetic beings.

Meta-physically we are an embodiment of the masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energies. So we’re very efficient conductors of electrical frequencies.

You can see this by unplugging your antenna from your TV and using yourself to complete the connection, the reception will improve as the TV uses you as a wire.

So we can absorb and conduct these frequencies, which actually will keep us vibrating at a lower and less healthy overall body frequency.

This can create chronic and even terminal physical diseases as well as spiritual problems because of the inability to maintain a healthy, compassionate heart & brainwave state.

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is electromagnetic radiation harmful

What about our Babes?

As you would imagine, babies and children’s delicate and still developing nervous and endocrine systems are particularly sensitive and susceptible to problems.

EMF has been known to disrupt sleep, which is why we always turn our wi-fi off at night even with all the other protective measures in place.

healthy attachment parenting


Babies and children will often experience sleep difficulties and irritability, as the most noticeable initial signs. Research has linked EMR exposure to reduced melatonin production, the very precious sleep hormone. It has shown that children will be prone to developing neurological disorders within the first 2 years of life, with high exposure.

There have even been links to the rising levels of autism, although personally, I believe the autism picture is bigger than this – EMR may be an aggravating factor, however.


The Science

The National Toxicology Program found a significant increase in brain cancers from exposure to mobile phone frequencies.

In 2015, 220 scientists who had published in peer-reviewed journals from 41 nations signed the International Scientists Appeal. Their warnings included mobile/cell phones, infrastructure, Wi-Fi, ‘smart’ meter/grid technology, as well as devices like baby monitors and commercial broadcast uses.

The BioInitiative report, updated in 2012 contains nearly 2000 papers reviewed by 29 international scientists from over 20 countries on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields.

Their conclusions note that the continued rollout of wireless technologies jeopardizes global health. They recommend stricter biologically based standards, lower exposure limits, and a more cautious, science-based approach.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen, based on studies which link mobile/cell phone radiation to brain tumors!

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children age 0-14.


So how do we protect ourselves and our families from the harmful effects of EMR & Geopathic Stress?

Here are 7 things you can do:

  1. Purchase single device EMF protection shield tags

    These are for mobile phones, tablets, cordless phones and baby monitors. These will harmonize the negative effects of wi-fi, electrical appliances, phone towers, power lines and geopathic stress throughout the home.

Shield Tags for Single Device protection 

We use these for our mobile phones, tablets, cordless phones, modem and baby monitor. These are flat stick-on/peel off ones so are convenient and fit under mobile phone cases.

emf protection tag - is electromagnetic radiation harmful

You can also purchase Personal Protection devices which will harmonize the negative effects of wi-fi, electrical appliances, phone towers, power lines and geopathic stress throughout the home, and/or while out & about.

These are designed to be carried for personal protection and fit into pockets & purses/wallets, or you could slip one under your baby/child’s sheets so they are protected throughout their sleep time.

Personal EMF protection - is electromagnetic radiation harmful2. Smart meters

You either need to remove it from your property or use a highly effective EMF protection device for your home. Another option to consider is to purchase a Radiation guard designed for Smart Meters.

3. Mobile/cell exposure

Avoid keeping your mobile/cell phone in your pocket and speaking on it when the signal is weak.

Don’t give your children mobile phones or tablets to play with unless on flight mode.

4. Microwaves

I recommend avoiding the use of microwave ovens, especially not near babies and kids. However, if you must use them, at least avoid using them for food and drink (babies and children’s especially).

5. Children’s beds and cots

Keep children’s beds and cots away from wireless devices, water heaters (which can be behind walls), cordless phones, breaker boxes and have the head at least 3 feet from electrical outlets.

6. Baby monitors

Put the baby monitor on the other side of the room from where baby sleeps, rather than hanging it above them, and adjust the volume accordingly.

7. Avoid Night time exposure

Turn off computers, modems, and wi-fi at night.

If you use electric blankets, turn them off completely before you hop into bed.


Be particularly mindful of all of the above during pregnancy.


For some, it may be worth either hiring an EMF consultant to check things out in your home and help you minimize EMF as much as possible. Otherwise, you can purchase an EMF meter and do some testing yourself.

Many people really feel the difference straight away.


You may also wish to join our Free 7-Day Toxin-Free Life e-course and begin eliminating toxins from other areas of your life & home.


If you are REALLY serious I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best course out there to take you through this process IN DEPTH.

I have learned LOADS from Alexx Stuart, and most who’ve taken her program say it was the biggest eye-opening experience of their lives. And it’s actually a fun one too! She offers:

is electromagnetic radiation harmful


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Over To You

Feel free to share your experiences below. I’m curious about your stories and what you have found  🙂


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is electromagnetic radiation harmful



About the Author:

Sam Sundara is the creator of Holistic Mumma, a passionate writer, health coach, educator, and mum. With a background of 18 years as a natural therapist, in community services & counselling and a passion for spiritual psychology, Sam offers a holistic view to parenting & wellbeing.


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    I believe the EMF radiation will be one of the problems of 21 century. Love your post and your tips.

  3. Teresa March 3, 2018 at 10:29 am - Reply

    I took the plunge & bought an emf meter & was AMAZED at how high some of the readings were & it enabled us to confirm that our q wave does actually make a big difference. Well worth the investment!

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    I love your ten tips. People may not realize how easy it is to take some of the steps needed to protect yourself and you have certainly provided a good jumping off point.

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      Hi Elise! Thank you and you are right, it IS easy once you know what works. Glad you enjoyed the article 😀

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