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If you care about the way you feel TODAY start by looking at how you started today. Identify the sources of toxicity in your morning routine & what you can do about it.

Our morning routine sets us up for the whole day. So why not make it one that nourishes & gets us humming for the day rather than one that bogs us down in a concoction of chemicals that leave us walking out the door in a sluggish fog.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, we are often unaware we are being exposed to numerous poisonous chemicals found in common, everyday household and personal care products.

There is a lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. Companies are actually allowed to leave certain chemicals off the labels, and some are named misleadingly.

So we have to be cluey!

sources of toxicity

So why is this a problem?

These chemicals & heavy metals actually accumulate in our bodies, they are stored in fatty tissue, and clog up our cellular receptors and interfere with mitochondrial health.

What this means is that we are slowly becoming sicker, at the cellular level. This can lead to chronic disease & cellular changes. It’s also why excess fat can be so difficult to shift for some people.

These toxins are continually creating oxidative stress in our bodies which is an underlying driver in SO many chronic health conditions.


The Solution:

  1. Replace toxic personal care, kitchen & other lifestyle products with safe, all natural products that actually do what they are supposed to, without the additional nasties.
  2. Support your body to begin to deal with these built up toxins


So, here’s a great place to start. My list of 12 ways we poison ourselves, often before breakfast!

Plus ways to replace the culprits with clean, even therapeutically beneficial products.


Now you can start creating a nourishing morning routine.


  1. Mattress & pillow

If you’re spending every night breathing vapours from chemicals in the mattress or pillow and sleeping between sheets washed in toxic laundry products, then this is number 1!

Consider replacing your mattress with an organic one, or at least the overlay, and treating yourself to some organic cotton sheets.

Here’s my favourite stockist of organic slumbering goodies.

Biome Eco Stores - Zero Waste, Toxin Free, Ethical Choices


  1. Electromagnetics & Wi-fi

Have you spent the night with the wi-fi on? If so get into the habit of switching it off at night to avoid sleeping in an electromagnetic fog.

Go here for more about electromagnetic radiation

We use these single device tags & personal protection tags on our modem, cordless phone & mobiles. They make a difference both my partner & I can actually feel.

emf protection tag - sources of toxicity

  1. The Morning Cuppa

Coffee is one of the highest sprayed crops on the planet. Buy organic!

Or better still, replace with a nourishing alternative like Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee 

sources of toxicityWhy?

  1. Increase in energy without the jitters
  2. Half the caffeine, double the effects without sacrificing the gourmet coffee flavour
  3. Less acidity than regular coffee – no more stomach burn
  4. Increase productivity and brain power
  5. Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion’s Mane and Chaga is non-GMO, sugar-free, made without fillers, and suitable for Paleo and vegan lifestyles.

Here are some Medicinal mushrooms which can be added to your coffee:

medicinal mushrooms - sources of toxicity

Check your Coffee mug!

If the ceramic glaze is cracked, throw it away! 😀

The acidity of coffee will cause the lead to leach out of the ceramic glaze.


Go here for more info on how we can replace other sources of toxicity in our kitchen.


  1. Morning walk or run?

Did you know that our local counsels regularly spray our parks with herbicides like Roundup, containing the highly toxic glyphosate?

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans“. Repeated exposure through the skin can potentially be major toxin risk.

Reach out to your local council about the safety of the pesticide and herbicide sprays being used during the regular maintenance and landscaping of the local gardens, sports fields, bus stops and parks.


  1. The Shower

Many of us will then hop into a steaming shower which vaporises the chlorine from their water supply, if you are on town water. This means you are inhaling & absorbing high concentrations of chlorine & other chemicals.

“Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated of chloroform in nearly every home because of the chlorine in the water. Chloroform [a known carcinogen] levels increase up to 100 times during a ten-minute shower in residential water” – Environmental Protection AgencyDr Lance Wallace

Biome have a good range of shower filters. You can check out their range here.

The New Wave Enviro Shower Filter with aromatherapy ring removes chlorine & hydrogen sulphide, reduces heavy metals and naturally softens water. I love that it’s compatible with all shower fittings and easy to install.

shower filter - sources of toxicity

And you can’t go wrong at that price! The filter lasts a whole year.


  1. Body wash, soaps, & shampoos

Our skin is our largest organ and one of the most important parts of our body to protect from toxins, as it can absorb up to 60% of what we put on it.

This is why it’s important to purchase organic/plant-based alternatives to generic body washes, soaps & shampoos, and avoid the additional toxic load.

These products are generally full of endocrine disrupting chemicals like parabens, phthalates, triclosan and oxybenzone

These chemicals can mess with our hormones, can destroy our libido, even our fertility over time.


If you are in the USA, check out The Green Life

natural organic products


For us Aussies, check out Nourished Life who have a fantastic range of organic body care & more.


Try a plastic-free Biome shampoo bar!


  1. Deodorants, cologne, perfume & air fresheners

All synthetic fragrances contain potentially hazardous chemicals and are derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), aldehydes, toluene, and many other known toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system issues & kidney damage. Eek!! 😮

So what are some alternatives?


I enjoy making my own perfumes from essential oils, but I do have a couple of favourite shop-bought ones from Lhami – the Sandalwood & Orange, and the Rosewood & Vanilla.

So yummy & super affordable.


Lahmi offers free Australia-wide postage, valid for one use per customer.
Heres the coupon code SHIPFREEOZ  (Postage cost will be deducted at checkout).

Men’s Cologne

Also from Lahmi. This one is the sexiest cologne I’ve smelled. Treat your man!



Maybe you’ve heard about the dangers of generic spray-on deodorant and tried one or more of the many natural alternatives available?

If you were less than impressed, keep in mind that natural deodorants will work LOADS better after an armpit detox.

Do this handy tip first:

Combine 100% bentonite clay with enough apple cider vinegar to make a paste.

Apply and allow to draw for at least 10 minutes.

Natural deodorants will actually work after doing this.


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sources of toxicity


  1. Skincare

Biome’s extensive skincare range contains:

  • only plants, not a skerrick of petrochemicals, free from all toxins, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances
  • full ingredient disclosure
  • verification of any claims such as organic and cruelty-free

Mokosh and Evohe are my faves brands, stocked by Biome.

Biome Eco Stores - Zero Waste, Toxin Free, Ethical Choices



  1. Makeup

Evohe have a very nice range of pure mineral powders, which are an excellent alternative to foundation.

Or, maybe you are wanting to start from scratch? Young Living’s Savvy Minerals Starter Kit is a great way to go. High quality, mineral-based makeup, cruelty-free & no harmful chemicals.

Mineral makeup range - sources of toxicity


If you’re a busy mum you may appreciate the ‘5-minute face’ tutorial.


Go here for Young Living ordering info


  1. Dressing

What’s in your laundry detergent, fabric softener & chlorine bleach? When we put on our nice clean clothes, we are also absorbing these residues through our skin.

Our favourite laundry powder is by Paradise Nutrients. We love this small and super ethical company.  We buy the Eucalyptus laundry powder from them, in bulk (You can repurchase the refills, saving money & waste!

It’s completely tox-free, is a great price, super-effective and made from Rain Forest essential oils & plant-derived ingredients.


  1. Dental care

Ok so maybe we do this part AFTER breakfast but I had to include this essential part of our morning routine!

What’s in your mouthwash, toothpaste & dental floss?

  • Triclosan – endocrine disruptor
  • sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – is contaminated with 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogenic byproduct
  • artificial sweeteners such as aspartame – convert to methanol which is converted to formaldehyde in the human body
  • fluoride – the kind added to our toothpaste & water supply is a toxic chemical which accumulates in your tissues over time. It wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunction.

Young Livings oral health range is really outstanding. They have 2 delicious kids toothpastes that are so clean you won’t care when your child swallows it.

Due to the therapeutic potency & quality of the essentials oils, you are not just cleaning your teeth or freshening your breath but really promoting oral & dental health.

My faves are the Thieves Fresh Essence mouthwash (I’ve warded off many an infection using this with oil-pulling) and Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste.

My dental floss is made of what!!?

That innocent-looking piece of string is actually coated with petroleum and hormone-altering PFCs. These are absorbed into our gums and leaching into our bloodstream.

But before you ditch the dental floss forever, there are actually a couple of companies making safe alternatives.

I love this one by Young Living

toxin free dental floss - sources of toxicity

Go here for Young Living ordering info


Nourished Life does a toxin-free dental floss too. Now I haven’t actually tried this one myself, but I love that it’s in a biodegradable container!


  1. Medications

Here’s the problem with toxic pharmaceutical medications:

  1. Over time further risk of more serious problems will develop into more chronic illnesses, compounded by the additional toxic burden of the prescription drugs.
  2. They create dependencies upon continuing to take pharmaceuticals, often for the rest of your life, to keep unwanted symptoms under control.
  3. They are actually just masking the symptoms, and not at all solving the underlying problem/s. This means you will continue to develop further issues as the imbalance further develops.
  4. It cultivates the mentality of avoiding responsibility for how this disorder was created in the first place. This encourages the common modern-day habit of looking to someone else to ‘fix’ us, or just to take our symptoms away.


Going Deeper

If you are serious about detoxing not only your morning routine but your life you may want to consider taking our free 7-day Toxin-free Life e-course.


If you are REALLY serious I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best course out there to take you through this process IN DEPTH.

I have learned LOADS from Alexx Stuart, and most who’ve taken her program say it was the biggest eye-opening experience of their lives. And it’s actually a fun one too! She offers:

sources of toxicity


Let the Healing Begin

As I mentioned previously, the second part of the solution is supporting the body to eliminate toxic build up in the body, & mop up the oxidative stress.

When we unplug toxins from cell receptors we can begin to absorb vital nutrients into the cell & the mitochondria can begin to function again.

When we begin to release toxins from fatty tissue, our weight begins to come to where it should be as the fat can be burnt off. So many people experience effortless weight loss.


We need to move through the following 3 steps for true physical healing to occur.

  1. Remove oxidative stress, inflammation & toxicity.
  2. Rebalance the bodies communication systems – metabolism, nervous, immune, endocrine & cellular functions.
  3. Nourish & build cellular nutrition. Now that the cells are cleared of toxic gunk clogging up the receptors, they will more readily absorb nourishment in the form of quality plant-based minerals.

If you are curious about the best way to do this, contact me, I’d be happy to guide you to the information you need.

You can also join our Facebook Wellness group for more info.


Over to You

How many of these are an issue for you? What have you identified is a source of toxicity in your morning routine? Have you given it up? What have you replaced it with? What are you struggling to give up? What’s your favourite part in your nourishing morning routine?


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sources of toxicity


About the Author:

Sam Sundara is the creator of Holistic Mumma, a passionate writer, health coach, educator, and mum. With a background of 18 years as a natural therapist, in community services & counselling and a passion for spiritual psychology, Sam offers a holistic view to parenting & wellbeing.


  1. Miranda August 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Interesting article. I was not aware of a lot of these. I think I may check out the Young Living make-up. Where do you buy your bentonite clay?

    • Sam Sundara August 7, 2018 at 10:54 pm - Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the article Miranda, Young Living Mineral make up is my new favourite!! You can get a nice clean Bentonite Clay from Biome. The link is now in the article, thanks for reminding me to pop it in there!! 😀

  2. Anna August 7, 2018 at 6:29 pm - Reply

    This was super informative—I DO need to change out my pillow and mattress! Thanks for the reminders 🙂

    • Sam Sundara August 7, 2018 at 10:55 pm - Reply

      Great Anna!! Glad you found it useful 😀

  3. julie July 26, 2018 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    What a valuable article this is. How sad our society has become so dangerous for us!!! Education and knowledge goes a long way to help overcome the problem, so kudos for pointing out some of the bad and sharing ways to improve. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the things bombarding us with danger, but if we take things 1 at a time and find a solution, incorporate into daily life, then start on 1 other thing, fix and move on, we can step by step improve our health, happiness and well being.

    • Sam Sundara July 27, 2018 at 12:38 am - Reply

      Hey Julie, thanks for connecting & for your comments! yes it’s true it can be overwhelming to try to do it all at once, & 1 step at a time can be the way to go. But once we educate ourselves it’s natural for that desire to live clean to become so overwhelming it’s hard to go back!! 😀

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